Add Automation to Make Your Lien Process Quick, Painless, Accurate, and Legally Compliant. Guaranteed.

Lien sales are a headache, legally complicated and messy affairs. There is more to lien sale compliance than simply mailing a default notice when your tenant is late. Although some timelines are similar, every state statute has their own individual requirements and quirks. With Late2Lien you can be confident that our system provides legally compliant forms, timelines, sending/posting practices and, if necessary, advertising to meet the requirements outlined in each state's statute. Our system performs all of these critical functions with little operator involvement.

Increase Productivity

By partnering with Late2Lien operators of all sizes reduce the time and effort spent in a lien sale by up to 75%.

Revenue Optimization

Give your staff more time to generate new rentals, manage the facility, and improve cash flow by getting paid faster.

Get Paid Faster

Our automated process conditions your tenants to avoid future delinquencies and fees.

Decrease Liability

By partnering with Late2Lien you eliminate the “what did I miss” concerns in the lien sale process.

"After using Late2Lien, we collect more money, earlier in the month then we did prior to Late2Lien. Now everything is automated from the Late Notice to Lien Sale and we spend 15 minutes a month on our auction process."

Robert B. - Owner Operator

Questions About Late2Lien

Is there a minimum monthly spend?

Absolutely not! There are no minimum spending requirements, annual fees, or setup costs.

Do I need to own a certain number of storage facilities to use Late2Lien?

No. Whether you own one facility or a hundred, Late2Lien’s services are designed to help you.

Does Late2Lien work in my state?

Yes, our library works in every state!

How does it integrate with my software?

Late2Lien seamlessly syncs everyday with your management software. Schedule a demo with our sales team to learn more about our current software integrations.